Who am I?

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Who am I?

I’m still trying to find the lasting answer to that question, the great ‘Who am I?’ 😉
But my name is Petra Helbers, born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1965.
I now live in Lunteren, together with my coach dog Jet.
We’ve been coaching together since 2020.
Before that, I was a teacher (special needs), teaching kids with physical challenges, learning problems and behavioral issues.
And before that, a lot of other jobs (see below for a summary) like social work.

I wrote a bestselling children’s book about being yourself, keeping your own colour: ‘Hoe Geel weer geel werd’.
It is about to be published in hard cover again and also in English “How Yellow became yellow again”.


  • Dog Assisted Coaching (coaching together with coach dog) (2018)
  • pedagogical academy primary education (2009)
  • Post-HBO Register education Professional Coach (2008)
  • Social Work – SPH Sociaal Pedagogische Hulpverlening (2001)
  • Schoevers management assistent (1985)

Work experience

  • Autism coach together with Jet (since 2020)
  • Teacher special needs education (9 years)
  • Social work youth (4 years)
  • Mental and multiple disability care (6 years)
  • Management assistent (13 years)


Telefoon:          06 403 201 54
Email:               PetraHelbers.nl@gmail.com
Work location:   Lunteren, Ede and other locations

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