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HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), high sensitivity, Star child, hypersensitive, new age child…)

You probably know them, those children or adults who are “different” and easily distracted. Who are bothered by noises, light, itchy things (for example, labels in a shirt, synthetic clothing, being hypersensitive, allergic to everything), and who unerringly pick up on feelings and emotions of others. In short, their senses are wide open and often they cannot filter all the information properly. They often do not get along well at school or work, because they have their own way (e.g., picture-thinkers) and their own pace.

HSP children and adults come in different guises. Here are 3 examples.

  • Some let nothing limit them. They want to celebrate life, in their own way. They are autonomous, learning spontaneously. They go their own Godly way, are outgoing, enthusiastic, honest, creative, decisive, come up with out-of-the-box solutions and have humor. Often they are tremendously athletic and agile and have great body awareness.
    They are called the Highly Sensitive Strong-willed
  • Some are “bothered” by others, by their environment. They are exhausted after a day of school or work and just want to shut themselves off. The computer is often much loved.
  • Some are very gentle, almost fragile, accommodating, wanting to please everyone, a kind of fairies, who leave their “stardust,” their love, wherever they go. And yes, they also come in boy and man form. They too are often broke after a day of school or work, having given so much of themselves.
    They too cannot help but give their light. They suffer from the darkness around them.

Higher consciousness

They came to earth with a higher consciousness than their ancestors. A higher consciousness than the collective consciousness.

These children are often misunderstood because they “don’t want to listen and just do as they are told”. This can make these children dislike school because they have to follow the often old-fashioned curriculum and methods, which often do not fit well with what they want to learn and the way they learn.
It is not about ‘how intelligent you are’, but ‘how you are intelligent’. Everyone has a different way of learning and living.

And these adults have either learned to cope with this awareness, or life takes its toll on them.

Understanding yourself and the the world around you better

Every person is perfect, just the way he or she is. This is also what my book “How Yellow became yellow again” is about.
What is useful is to understand what impact your behavior has on the other person or the world around you.
So you can better understand the other person’s behavior and reaction.

Together we explore what suits you or the child best. Sometimes practical tips for school come out of this.

Fascinating for both:

  • HSP-children,
  • HSP-adults,
  • and parents who want to have a better understanding of their child and or themselves.

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