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Energetic coaching

Everything is energy.
Everything is connected to each other.
Everything affects each other.
Your body is made up of energy. Your emotions are energy. Even your thoughts are energy.
And underneath all emotions and thoughts is a belief.
A belief is also energy. Often an energy that blocks.
A belief determines how you are in life and what is manifesting on the ‘stage’ around you.

Often we are not aware of the beliefs that stand in our way and determine our life.
Then you are being lived, from old, often unconscious, programming. That takes mountains of energy.

If you can manage your energies well, it is magical.
You can influence not only your own energy (on a mental, emotional, vital and physical level) but also that of others, animals and even spaces!
In other words, then YOU are consciously at the helm of your world!

Coach with coach dog

With great pleasure my Coach Dog Jet and I coach children, often together with their parents.
Coaching with a dog is surprising and you learn a lot about yourself and your child through the exercises with Coach Dog Jet.
Self-confidence, resilience, boundaries, clear communication, all sorts of things will come up.
You will also look at what happens inside yourself: do you have emotions, thoughts, beliefs?
These determine what happens around you.
You go home after the coaching with new insights and tools.

We coach children, parent-child, youths, adults, HSP (high sensitive), ASS (Autism), and do Energetic coaching, Seeing without eyes and more.

Of course you can also call me for information.
I also coach online.
I am native Dutch.

Coach dog Jet

Being coached by Coach dog Jet is fun.
Especially when you are completely fed up with therapy and you are done being confronted with yourself.
Jet doesn’t ask anything of you.
She is always herself.
She doesn’t judge.
She is fully in the Here and Now. And responds to you as you are Here and Now.

So you can do the same exercise with her from a new awareness, and get a completely different outcome.
As a result, you can immediately experience whether your new way of doing things is successful.
If not, you can try and think of a different tactic. Every new moment offers new opportunities.

By observing Coach dog Jet, you can learn a lot about yourself.
For example, about your way of communicating, what kind of energy you radiate, unconscious feelings and tensions, beliefs, emotions and thoughts that keep you from being who you would prefer to be.
You interpret the feedback you receive from Jet yourself, because only you know your own background, outlook, motivation, intention and insights.

And the great thing is, the lessons you learn with Jet can be used 1:1 when dealing with people.
After all, it’s not about the form (of a dog or human body); it’s about the energy that drives that form!

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