Free intake

Before we start, we will meet to see if there’s a mutual click.
Online or by telephone, 15-30 minutes.


Coaching: € 90 per session
Coaching program of 5 sessions: € 85 per session
Coaching program of 10 sessions: € 80 per session

Travel expenses for coaching on location: € 0.23 per km

Coaching by phone or online: € 60
(60 minutes)

Workshops (e.g. Seeing without eyes):
Contact me for a customized quote


Sometimes coaching sessions are (partially) reimbursed through ‘PGB’ (PersoonsGebonden Budget: personal budget from the municipality), employer, Occupational Health Service of your company or health insurance.
As personal development they can be (partly) tax deductible.
Please inquire about the possibilities yourself.

For reimbursement PGB it is wise to use a different description instead of ‘coaching’.
For example: ‘support in daily life to achieve independence’.

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Please call me for more information and to make an appointment